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The Crown Logo in Colour

One Spooky Halloween Bash at The Crown

With the kids daytime party tidied away, it was the turn of the adults to party the night away at the Crown. There were spooky drinks (never did find out what was in that punch), hotdogs and chips. The pub hosted the band Face Value, and they really ripped the roof off the place. Dressed […]

Kids Halloween Party at The Crown

The weather was great and the turnout was even better. The Crown Inn hosted its first Halloween kids party under the new owners, Caroline and Richard. There was plenty to do for the kids. Apple bobbing, bandage bowling, pumpkin carving and coloured pine cone hunt for starters. There were prizes and stickers galore!!!  Back inside the […]

Reopening of The Crown Inn

We’re back! From 26 April 2021 The Crown Inn can reopen for business, yay!
This means you will be able to visit the outside pub garden terrace at The Crown Inn and enjoy a refreshment at last.

Did someone just say beer garden?

Terrace beer garden Hero

We know having a drink and meal inside a pub is some way off. So what we are doing in the meantime is getting our lovely terraced beer garden ready for your return. New landlord, Richard has brought in some locally sourced shingle and shale to freshen up the ground around our seating areas and […]

Refreshing relief


The Crown Inn onsite conveniences receive a fresh coat of paint ready for the new camping season.

Cabins get a refurb!

Cabin Refurbishment at the crown inn

Making the most of lockdown. The Crown Inn in North Wales get’s refurbed cabins.